How to Make a Grand Marnier Lamp

Today on Made To Hack, I make a lamp out of a Grand Marnier bottle!
You can choose any bottle you want. I chose this one since I like the colour and shape.

Choosing a bottle

The first step is to drill a hole on the bottom of the bottle for the power cord. You will need either a diamond drill or a ceramic drill like the one I’m using

Drilling the bottle bottom

I used an empty paper towel tube to keep the bottle firmly positioned. I spray some water to keep the glass dust down. Wear gloves and a dust mask

Using Paper Towel Tube for Stability

I should have used a diamond drill as this is taking forever. And then what I was afraid would happen happened. I broke through the bottom of the bottle. I then glued some foam padding to the bottom so the cable will not be cut by the sharp bottle

Cable and power switch

I started cutting the cable and wiring in a power switch. I then threaded the wire through the bottle and attached the light bulb socket

Gluing in Light Bulb Socket

I used epoxy to glue the base of the bulb socket to the bottle

LED Filament Bulb

With the socket glued in place I installed an LED filament bulb and tested the light

Adjusting Lamp Shade

It was then time for the lamp shade. I adjusted the lamp shade so that it fit well over the bottle

Grand Marnier Lamp

And here is the completed project. I like the warm light glow.


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