How to carve a Ken Bone Pumpkin – the Bonekin

Today on Made To Hack, I carve a Ken Bone pumpkin, the Bonekin!

I was inspired by this Obama Hope pumpkin someone carved some while ago. This type of Pumpkin carving is a 3 colour or 3 shade design

There are areas where the carving is solid, some areas where half is carved and other areas where it is completely carved out.

I grabbed this Ken Bone image that was similar to the Obama Hope poster. I cut it down to 3 primary colours. And then I converted it to gray scale.

What I didn’t take into account was that it would have been easier to have the cutouts be darker

I then printed the design patter on a piece of paper. After which, I sized the design on my would be pumpkin.

I started by cutting into the pumpkin and emptying the guts. I used a plastic ice cream scoop as well as a spoon to get the insides out. Realizing the pumpkin was too small for the detail, I decided to do the carving without the text

With the pattern taped on to the pumpkin, I began by cutting around the various areas of the pattern. With most of the pattern transferred to the pumpkin, I traced out more of the lines for more detail

I then got out my rotary tool since otherwise it was going to take me forever to complete this carving.

With most of the shaded areas carved out with the rotary tool, I started to cut out various areas. I even used a hand planer for one of the shaded areas

Like Ken Bone, I’m undecided whether I like how the Bonekin turned out.

To test out the look of the pumpkin, I used a light bulb and turned off the lights. It would have been more obvious if I had left the word BONE on the bottom.

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If you want to try this pumpkin carving you can find a link to download the pattern in the description

To download the patterns, simply click the link below:

US Letter Paper Size
International A4 Paper Size


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