Hacking a Laptop LCD Panel Screen

This Acer laptop is a horrible example of a netbook past its prime. The back of the screen is all cracked and falling apart. It was time to hack it. I remove the battery and start taking it apart. After unscrewing the top and bottom, I removed the bottom panel

With most components removed, I disassembled the screen protector. And then I unscrewed the LCD panel.

I had a piece of UPVC left over from my aquarium LED project. I traced the back of the panel onto the UPVC piece. I then cut the UPVC piece to shape.

I used the LCD panel to trace around it. Using a utility knife, I cut around the trace and started to carve out the piece. I then fit the LCD panel into the cutout. I used the old brass inserts from the old panel and inserted them into the UPVC. The LCD panel is then screwed back into the cutout

The bottom of the laptop was screwed together to the LCD panel. I reassembled the laptop screen and body. With the keyboard back in place, it was time to test the laptop to see if it still worked. With that, I branded the top with the Made 2 Hack logo.


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