Electronics Workbench LED Lighting Upgrade

In a previous video, I added LED lighting to my workbench by using LED strips. These worked quite good, however they were the cheap ebay kind whose double side tape was really bad.

The heat given off by the LEDs caused most of the tape to stop sticking and I had to glue the strip in various places with hot glue. So I decided to finally fix this problem by installing a new strip of LED lighting.

I am using this 25mm wide 2mm thick piece of aluminium strip as the backing. This will act as both a heat sink and a surface for the LEDs to stick to.

I measured my new LED strip to length. I’m using this really strong double sided tape from TESA made for use outside. I wiped down the back side of the aluminium with acetone to remove all the dirt and oils. If you plan to use LED strips, I really recommend using some form of aluminium profiles or strip for the back of the LEDs

I stuck the strip of tape to the back of the aluminium. I then cleaned the front side of the aluminium with acetone and applied the new strip of LEDs. I’m using a more powerful strip of 3014 LEDs that output around 18 Watts per meter. I also made sure to add some epoxy glue to the strip in places to make sure it would not come unglued.

I then desoldered the old strip and removed it. I cleaned the old double sided tape with acetone as well. The aluminium strip was then stuck to the underside of my shelves and pressed into place. I then resoldered the new strip and turned it on

This is the old LED strips I used. They were 5630 LED strips one with warm white the other with a cooler white colour temperature. The new LED strip is made by the Bulgarian company V-TAC that is found here in the EU. These new strips are really powerful, at 18 Watts per meter and even though the colour is stated as Day Light, to me it is a very neutral 4000 Kelvin.

The new light is very bright and the colour very neutral. I used to film at around 1600 ISO, however, with the new LED strip, I am shooting this at 800 ISO and with the White Balance set to 4000 Kelvin


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