2017 Hackaday Prize Announcement

The 2017 Hackaday Prize has been announced and is open for entries. If you are unaware of the Hackaday Prize, it is an annual competition where makers, hackers, creators from around the world submit projects they have conceived and built to the Hackaday.io website.

There are 5 segments to this year’s competition, namely the Design your concept stage, the Internet of Useful Things, the Wheels, wings and walkers, Assistive technologies and finally the Anything Goes stage.

Your entry is judged by a group of judges and you have the potential to win cash prizes up to a grand prize of $50,000 US. This year, there are over $250,000 US in total prizes.

What is great about the Hackaday Prize (aside from the prizes), is that you get to interact with the Hackaday.io community and upload your projects and share your ideas. Once a project is created, anyone can add to it, fork it, comment on it and interact with you in a wonderful community atmosphere. So I urge everyone to sign-up to Hackaday.io and participate in this year’s 2017 Hackaday Prize!

My entry for the 2016 Hackaday Prize was of course the LED Grow Cube. You can view the entire build series below.


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